• David Wargo

updates, and a new map

It's Tuesday 24th March 2020. The coronavirus, or COVID-19, continues to dominate the headlines as it all but shuts down life as we know it. In such times people must remain positive, and continue to hope for the best. I am very fortunate that all my immediate friends and family are in good health and are safe, that there is food in my kitchen for my three children, and that I still have a job. To those reading this, I hope the same goes for you as well, that you are safe and healthy and surrounded by loved ones.

Even something as small and trivial as my web-comic cannot completely avoid disruption. I used to do a lot of drawing on my commute but now I'm working from home, which means no commute. Just how this will effect my output remains to be seen, but I will continue to work on VRHL whenever possible. The latest addition was done under during the last few days - a map of Auburn Glade and the town of Pineal. I love a good map, and I hope to add many more to the story as it unfolds. More about this map can also be found on the Maps page in the Appendices.

My Youtube Channel is now up to date as well! I've added timelapse videos of all the completed pages, including the aforementioned map. Please do check them out and subscribe, and if you have any questions or ideas for future videos please let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe.


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