• David Wargo

Ten Pages!

There is something about moving into double digit page numbers that is really satisfying. This little side project is becoming more and more real, and the work that I do to produce it is now an daily ritual - a habit.

After doing the previous page I decided I needed to try something different and think outside the box. Being that the was about cleaning up a sneeze, I decided to go with a wet handkerchief look. I used a linen texture in the background of the page and applied colours using a wet sponge brush. I really loved the finished look in places. This combination gave the page a water colour painting look that I wish I could reproduce using traditional supplies. The panels themselves weren't boxes either but shaped like splatters. This was a lot harder to achieve than I initially thought, but I got there in the end.

More frustrating for me were the constant mistakes I made whilst managing my layers. Constantly, I found myself inking or colouring on the wrong page - the flowers in Molly's lap, for example, were colouring on the final line art layer. I assume this is a constant grip for most professionals. Perhaps I was rushing my work at times as I am mindful of the fact that I've been working on this webcomic since November 2019 and yet I'm only ten pages into the first chapter. If I maintained that work rate then who knows when this thing will be finished? One chapter a year is far too slow a work rate. I have to get faster.

Still, small progress is better than no progress.

Thanks for reading.


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