• David Wargo

Page Twelve

We've finally arrived at page 12, bringing to a close the first little arc in this first chapter. The first panel mimics one of the panels on the first page. This is intentional as I wanted to use it as a "framing effect" on this opening scene.

As a reader (assuming anyone is reading it at this early stage) you would have been introduced to the main character, Theo, and his immediate family, Sara and Molly. You get a sense that he is at odds with his mother, which is typical of most petulant teenagers. You also get some insight into their living situation, and of the world in which they live.

Its been a journey, not just for the characters, but for me as well. Comparing the first page to this one, I can already see the improvements that I've made. My confidence has grown immensely as an artist, and I'm so excited to continue this journey.

A lot more to come. Thanks for reading.


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