• David Wargo

Page Eleven Now Up

After taking close to two weeks on the previous page I was keen to return to form on this page. Page 10 was, in my defence, a deviation from my usual process as I tried to experiment with different brushes and panel shapes. These things are important in my view as they keep things interesting for the reader and the artist.

This page was a return to my typical process. I had a rough idea from the outset, and as I fleshed out and explored different ideas I quickly landed on a layout that I liked. From there roughs and final lines came together nicely, along with the with colouring and final touches.

Comparing this page to the first page, I can already see how far I've come as an artist which is always nice to see. This first little act one page away from ending. Then, we'll find the Wicklittles in Pinael where I'm sure I'll face many new challenges art-wise.

More to come. Stay tuned. And, as always, thanks for reading.


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