• David Wargo

Chapter One Page Nine Added

Another page done. This one took longer than I would have liked - I blame the fact that there are nine panels in total. Honestly, I have somewhat mixed feelings about the finished result, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what it is that bothers me about it.

Panels three and eight stand out as the best parts of the page for me. I love the look Theo is giving his sister in panel three, and the "YEER CHUUUR" sneeze in panel eight came together wonderfully, with the flowers scattered behind and in front of the sneeze text. This panel was inspired by my second daughter who used to have colds like this. In the mornings her sneeze was fire like a shotgun blast and leave snot dripping down her face in exactly the same way!

As for the rest of the page, again it's hard for me to describe what it is that I feel isn't quite working. Panel one has some issues with body proportions, and there is that unused space in the bottom left corner filled with sacks of vegetables that look like big paper sandwich bags. The layout itself seems uninspired. There times whilst working on it where I just wanted to get the page done, and so rushed it. I think that shows. as well

But maybe I'm just being too picky. Sometimes, you just have to see a piece through, no matter what, and then move on. Its not good, but good enough.

Thanks for reading.


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