• David Wargo

Chapter I Page Six and Seven

Another step has been taken along this journey, another page has been added to the story. Chapter 1, pages 6-7 is my first double page spread, a wide view of the characters and their world. Overall, I'm very pleased with the page, particularly the sky and the rainfall. I do think that more could have been done to more accurately portray the sense of depth in the piece - notice how the wagon seems to be about the same height as the farmstead. What I was going for was that the wagon was closer to the viewer. Chop this up to inexperience I guess. Still, I'm happy with it overall. I love how the line of trees and the angle of the rooftop guides the eye down to Theo. I've also tried to create a sense that the place is "lived in", with many lines of wagon wheels cutting through the mud, the logs waiting to be chopped over by the house, and the field on the far right waiting to be ploughed.

As I write, page 8 is already in progress. I'm hoping to have it done soon.

More to come.


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