• David Wargo

Chapter I Page eight

Another page done! This page was the fastest one I've done so far, taking five days to complete. For comparison, page one took 15 days to complete, so I'm getting faster and pumping these out which is great!

As for the page itself, I'm happy with the overall result. Following on from the double-page spread of page 6-7, I wanted a more simple layout. The biggest challenge was the dog itself. I wasn't sure how I wanted the dog to look, tossing up between a stylized, cartoonish look and something more realistic. In the end I went with something in between the two. The dog itself was inspired by the Australian Kelpie. Her name is Peggs.

One other thing I wanted to mention was the fallen tree in the background of Panel 2. You might have noticed on page 6-7 that there was a wood-chopping area beside the house. The fallen tree is meant to add to this little scenario going on with the family collecting firewood for the oncoming winter. These little details add to the overall "lived in" feeling of the scene.

This page concludes this little flashback sequence. On the next page we will return to the present time of page 1. Is Theo still annoyed at Molly? Stay tuned to find out.

Thanks for reading.


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