The Region of Eúdo

Theo Wicklittle’s adventure takes place upon the continent of Aéborus, in the northeastern region of Eúdo. It is bordered to the north by the icy lands of Arcún, and to the west by the tundras of Yrunor. To the south-west there is a small section of the border shared with the more temperate lands of Murrow. Finally, along the southern and eastern borders are coastal shores that look out upon the cold waters of the Braernan Sea.


Eúdo’s capital is Aebronduluin. The chief industries of the realm are agriculture, mining along the Eúdorin Mountains, and whaling and fishing along the coasts. The capital city is by far the largest city of the realm and is famed for its markets. Outside the capital, there are many smaller towns and villages, including:

  • Yrlam: a large harbour town where merchant vessels and fishing ships frequent. It is also the southernmost township in Eúdo. Any travellers coming or going from the region most likely comes through the town. There are many taverns, including The Wet Ferret which is managed by the Mulgrove family.

  • Pinael: a small village nearest to Theo’s farmstead, nestled in the ruins of an ancient fortification. It consists of a few merchant stalls, inns and taverns. Merchants sell wares and produce from nearby farms. The village is also home to many trappers who hunt the surrounding forests for pelts, deer mostly but also lemak. It is a mostly peaceful community but rather poor compared to the other townships about the realm. As a result, the people can be greedy.

  • Abel: a large town, wealthy, its people very kind to each other and to travellers. If you cannot get a room at any of their taverns then you can always visit one of the farmhouses about the town where families will welcome you in and treat you to a meal in exchange for a good chat. 

  • Ulso: situated in the northernmost part of the realm, high up in the mountains. It is cold all year round, and in the depths of winter the snow is so thick it can bury houses. People tolerate these harsh conditions as the mountains are rich in many minerals and gemstones. It is tough but rewarding work, and so the people are quite wealthy but have little to spend it on. In town, you’ll find four taverns that are busy all year round. Merchants brave the mountain trails to sell wares — mostly food and drink — to rich customers at inflated prices. 

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