Theo Wicklittle

Theo is a scrawny, teenage boy who lives on a farm just outside Pineal with his mother and half-sister. When he's not being ordered about by his mother he likes to whittle scraps of wood into wooden figurines. He dreams of one day moving to the capital and opening a toy store of his own.

Molly Wicklittle

Molly is a young girl with thick, light-brown curls. She lives with her mother and half-brother, Theo. At times selfish and spoiled, she is otherwise very good-natured. She loves her brother immensely.

Sara Wicklittle

Sara is the mother of Theo and Molly, and widow to the late Tomas Wicklittle. She inherited the Wicklittle farm after Tomas died, and has since struggled to make ends meet.

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