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It's an incredible time to be alive!


I cannot think of any other time in history when there has been so much opportunity for so many people. We are very fortunate to be living in a time where just about anyone can aspire to be what they want to be and strive towards their dreams. I'd like to think that we all have goals in life, things we want to do, see and experience. Maybe you believe you have a calling in life, something you were meant to do? Maybe you're searching for that calling? 

I was once asked the question, "if I could be doing anything right now, at this very moment, what would it be?" The answer came to me in an instant - drawing. I love to draw. I love to draw characters, give them names and tell their stories. For me, this is what I want to do, this is my calling in life. 

To call myself a professional graphic novelist and to work on this project full time would be a dream come true! But, to make that dream a reality, I need your help. 

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I've set up a Youtube channel where I'll be posting timelapse videos of each page being drawn. As the video plays I'll provide commentary on my process, as well as some insight into the story and the characters and how they influence each page's design. 













If you enjoy reading this webcomic, want to learn more about it and want to support my work then you can help me by visiting my channel - David Wargo - and subscribing. Be sure to also click the      icon to receive notifications when new videos are posted. 

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In addition to the Youtube channel, I've also set up a Patreon profile. If you enjoy reading my work and want to support me in reaching my goal of becoming a full-time artist working on VRHL then please do consider becoming a patron of VRHL by clicking the below link and choosing one of three available tiers of support:

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